Halloween vs day of the dead

Halloween vs Day of the Dead

Halloween History

Halloween originates from an ancient Gaelic celebration known as Samhain, the first day of November, celebrated by the ancient Celts as a festival marking the beginning of winter.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st (All Hallows Eve) the evening before All Saints Day on November 1st. Bad spirits are cleared away on Halloween to facilitate the safe entry of saints on All Saints Day.

The name changed when people started dressing up for the occasion. Today, many people dress up as ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies, and other spooky characters.

The day after, November 1st, is known in Mexico as Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This holiday commemorates deceased loved ones who have passed away. People visit cemeteries to leave flowers at gravesites and light candles. They also decorate altars with photos and memorabilia.

The Origins of Dia de los Muertos

The origins of Dia de los Muerte are rooted in Aztec culture. It was believed that the souls of dead ancestors would return home on November 1st. On that day, people would go to cemeteries to honor their departed relatives.

Why Celebrate Both Holidays?

Today, both celebrations are celebrated throughout Mexico, United States and Europe.

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