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World Virtual Tours: a real story, made of people

WVT: how it all started.

WVT was created from the idea of Luisa, Emiliano and Ragab, and thanks to the union with expert Tourist Guides and Archaeologists who have joined the project, such as Simone, our most prestigious Tour Leader.
We are a group of friends who have decided to help people making travel experiences whenever they want and wherever they are. We put our experiences in the field of Archeology, Arts and Web at the disposal of those who want to follow us, hoping it will be appreciated 😉 We believe knowledge must be FREE, available to everyone.

Our Team

Our team is currently based half in Luxor and half in Rome. We have been in the field of Virtual Tours for over a year now and have made hundreds of tour dates.

A true philosophy...

Our philosophy has always been to involve professionals who are on site and who carry out the same live tours in their normal activity, with all the advantage given by their experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject.

We are a Family

We are like a small family and together with our guides we want this family to expand more and more towards our followers

We support...

We support schools, charity and elderly people organizations and whoever love to know about the world history wonders.

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Team luisa

Luisa L.

Creative Head

Team emi

Emiliano M.

Marketing & Tech

Team ragab


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