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Dr. Lillian is so knowledgeable about each subject for her tours. She easily gets the information across in a way that we, as laypersons, will understand and can carry forward to speak about the subjects with others. She makes me excited to attend her tours.
Lillian cespedes gonzalez - wvt historian with phd in early middle ages, spain and england licensed tour guide
With Filiz I saw and understood more in an hour than in my three previous visits entirely. Studying a map; studying the history of Christianity and Islam, are each good preparation for going there in person, but in the meantime, this presentation is more than promised.
Filiz tütüncü çağlar - wvt ma degree in archaeology, phd in art history, 20 yrs professional tour guide
This was so informative. If you want to know the archeological and historical stories of Mesoamerica, Fredo is your choice. He is one of the best.
Fredo olivares - wvt mexico tourism journalist and travel coordinator tour guide

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