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*LESSON 3: The people around Rasputin*
We’ll discuss *the reputation of Nicholas II and his family*. We’ll talk about about the economical situation in the country and what this illiterate village man had to do with it. We’ll also talk about *the Yusupov family* and Felix, one of the plotters. What was his motif to kill Rasputin?

Grigorii Rasputin. What comes to you mind when you hear this name? A demon from a world famous animated show? A sex machine from a popular song? *Rasputin is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in the world history of XX century.* Not everything you’ve heard or read about him is true. However, not all of that is a lie… Was he a holy sinner or a sinful saint? Was he a member of a religious sect or just an opportunist? Who was involved and benefited from his death? Let’s try to find the answers together during this course about Rasputin where we will endeavor to challenge some myths surrounding it and share the true facts provided by reliable sources.


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