St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum and the Romanovs Part 2

St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum and the Romanovs Part 2

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2023-03-20 04:00 PM

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Live stream event from Tel Aviv, with ANNA L.: Licensed Tour Guide in two countries.


  • How and where the famous Royal dynasty lived
  • Live Q&A
  • Contents suitable for children


I’m inviting you to join the second episode of tour of the glorious Hermitage museum in the heart of Saint Petersburg. We continue our talk about the Winter palace as home of the royal dynasty of the Romanovs. We’ll see some more magnificent interiors of the psi ace and start the exploration of other buildings. We will find out why the royals needed more buildings and how they used it. What secrets those buildings have? Also, we are going to start to see some fascinating and unique exhibits of the Romanovs’ collection. 
Please, note that the video for this tour is pre-recorded as I am far from my beloved city because of the war. These tours are for those who can differentiate between culture, history and politics. We’ll learn about the history of winter palace, its commissioners and inhabitants. I’ll show you some of the gala interiors and open some secrets.

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Anna L.

Professional Tour Guide

Anna L.

Hi, my name is Anna. I used to be a licensed tour guide to Saint Petersburg, Russia. Due to Russian-Ukrainian war and my zero tolerance of my county’s government, I had to leave my beloved city and job. I’m currently living in Israel. There is no such thing as an ex-guide, so I’m not wasting my time and studying to become a licensed tour guide to the Holy Land. Join me in my exploration of Israel. Let’s discover this country together. History is never boring, it’s all how you talk about it. I do all kinds of virtual tours, from big touristy spots, to the nooks off the beaten path.

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All our virtual tours are made possible only thanks to your support as part of our Community.