LIVE Walk Enigmas of Machu Picchu

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2023-04-02 02:00 PM

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Live stream event from Peru, hosted by JIMMY S.: Licensed Tour Guide since 2005, expert in history and archeology.


  • Machu Picchu
  • Live Q&A
  • Contents suitable for children


The Incas knew advanced construction techniques? The leveling, measuring angles and distances (dimensions of the foot, hand and armful) this great work must have meant a lot of effort and time but they found it very effective. Possibly the perfectly fit one block of stone on another, is made by an operation of wear, perhaps you are putting sand in the voids between the rocks to determine what specific point should be sanded and achieve that perfect engagement.

How did they achieve the perfect union? How did these stones get gathered, so that they resist the time? What architectural knowledge they had, to build temples like the Three Windows or Sun? Questions without a clear answer, in which researchers, in addition to the general public, can agree.

How is it that a man can lift stone blocks of this magnitude, carve and assemble them with such perfection? This suggests that the Incas had a secret knowledge, or even more magical…


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Jimmy S.

Professional Tour Guide

Jimmy S.

I am Jimmy, Peru licensed tour guide, expert in History and Archeology. We will dig together into the History of the Lost Cities of the INCAS. I will bring you to one of 7 wonders of the World

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