The Mayan Route – Yaxchilán and Bonampak

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2023-07-13 03:30 PM

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Language: English

Live stream event from Mexico, hosted by FREDO O.: Graduated Licensed Tour Guide, tourist journalist with 7 years of experience.


  • The myths and legends of the Mayan world and their relationship with natural elements
  • Mayan artistic expressions 
  • Common social practices: gastronomy and exploitation of resources
  • Mayan oral language and writing
  • The “Montes Azules” biosphere reserve, a refuge for modern Mayan groups
  • The adventures and natural beauties that surround this site
  • Live Q&A
  • Closed Captioning Available
  • Contents suitable for children


This is the last part of our journey through the jungles of Mesoamerica to enter the main cities of the ancient Mayan world. Here we will visit archaeological sites that, despite being remote, allow us to know and understand the Mayan heritage that is still present today through various expressions and in its people. The sense of adventure when crossing the rivers of southern Chiapas to reach this place is another exciting part of this tour.

We will start in the old town of Bonampak. In the middle of the “Montes Azules” biosphere reserve we will find this city with some of the most beautiful and best preserved artistic remains since the times of the classic period of the Maya. The record of its modes of government, its ritual ceremonies and the wars that this site went through are represented in the mural paintings of its vaulted chambers.

As a second point of the tour, we will visit Yaxchilán. Right on the banks of the Usumacinta River, on the border between Mexico and Guatemala. There we will enter a labyrinth that marks the entrance to this city with more than 120 structures that are part of this urbanization. The masterpieces made with stucco that we will find in the different buildings of its acropolis will lead us to learn more about the ancient Mayan language and the mythological stories that took place in the middle of this jungle more than 1200 years ago.

The mysteries of the Mayans are revealed in this journey full of mysticism. You will end up learning more about this ancient society that so many people around the world are passionate about. Also, in this tour, you will be able to witness the impact of the classic Mayans in the modern world and you will see what the way of life of the modern Mayan peoples is like.

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Fredo O.

Professional Tour Guide

Fredo O.

I'm Alfredo Olivares,. I studied diplomas in tourism journalism, travel agencies and receptive tourism. I've worked as tourist promoter and travel coordinator the last 7 years. Above all, the passion for my culture and the ancient civilisations has led me to share with the you the majesty and the drama behind the ruins of the most important archeological sites.

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