The Mayan Route – Palenque


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2022-11-24 04:30 PM

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Live stream event from Mexico, hosted by FREDO O.: Graduated Licensed Tour Guide, tourist journalist with 7 years of experience.


  • The great development achieved by Palenque
  • The tomb of Pakal
  • Mayan mythology and main rituals
  • Development of science and technology in the Mayan world
  • Mayan language and heritage
  • Live Q&A
  • Contents suitable for children


In the mountains of Chiapas, jaguars and snakes are hiding in the surroundings, one of the most advanced Mayan cities in science and technology is in front of us: Palenque.

We will visit its observatory tower and we will go through its mythical stairs. Palenque is the jewel of Mesoamerican archeology because that is where the tomb of Pakal, one of its illustrious rulers, was discovered. We will detail everything that was found in Pakal’s tomb and the theories surrounding the great intellectual development of his society.

Palenque is one of the 3 cities of the classic Mayan Route that were mysteriously abandoned by their inhabitants. We will talk about their growth and influence and the great legacy they left in this part of the world.

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Fredo O.

Professional Tour Guide

Fredo O.

I'm Alfredo Olivares,. I studied diplomas in tourism journalism, travel agencies and receptive tourism. I've worked as tourist promoter and travel coordinator the last 7 years. Above all, the passion for my culture and the ancient civilisations has led me to share with the you the majesty and the drama behind the ruins of the most important archeological sites.

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