Teotihuacan: where the gods were born


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Live stream event from Mexico, hosted by FREDO O.: Graduated Licensed Tour Guide, tourist journalist with 7 years of experience.


  • Sun and Moon pyramids and its actual meaning
  • Large avenues and squares laid out according to astronomical orientations
  • The massive pilgrimage to this city and its meaning in ancient mythology
  • Modern archaeological works and the secret tunnels under Teotihuacán
  • The use of the resources of the region and the development of technology
  • The meaning of the wall paintings in each palace
  • Live Q&A
  • Contents suitable for children


We are going to explore this monumental city that had 200 000 inhabitants, the largest in the American continent around the year 500 AD. Thousands of people came from all cardinal points to witness the sacred rituals in honor of the Mesoamerican gods that took place here. Huge pyramids, squares and temples crown the panorama. This great city is divided into quadrants occupied by people and cultures from distant places, such as the Mayans and the Zapotecs, and they considered this point as a universal center where the gods once met to create humanity.

The enigma of why this city was abandoned remains today. The names of their rulers are not known, nor are there traces of the language they spoke. The only documents that remain are the beautiful wall paintings in some of its main palaces and the finds of modern archaeological work that gradually reveal more clues to its organization and its mysterious end.

It is a unique place in the world. A special archaeological zone that transmits the power of its 600 years of history. It is a living document of how its inhabitants managed their abundance in food, perfected their natural resources to generate articles and tools, developed scientific principles such as physics and astronomy, and generated large-scale structures to honor their creator gods. We also have theories of his diplomacy and the infighting that may have led to its self-destruction. Many civilizations existed later in this region of the world, the Toltecs and the Aztecs came, but they all considered Teotihuacán as the center of their sacred beliefs. It will always remain the heart of Mesoamerican cultures.

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Fredo O.

Professional Tour Guide

Fredo O.

I'm Alfredo Olivares,. I studied diplomas in tourism journalism, travel agencies and receptive tourism. I've worked as tourist promoter and travel coordinator the last 7 years. Above all, the passion for my culture and the ancient civilisations has led me to share with the you the majesty and the drama behind the ruins of the most important archeological sites.

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