OAXACA: Past and Present of an Indigenous Nation

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2023-04-20 03:30 PM

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Language: English

Live stream event from Mexico, hosted by FREDO O.: Graduated Licensed Tour Guide, tourist journalist with 7 years of experience.


  • The pre-Hispanic era of Oaxaca and the great Zapotec cities
  • The indigenous heritage of Oaxaca reflected in the languages, crafts and society
  • The power and complexity of Oaxacan gastronomy
  • Craftsmanship practices and products centuries old
  • Architecture of the capital of Oaxaca, a colonial city with a multicultural atmosphere
  • Modern art inspired by the history of this region
  • The natural attractions that exist in Oaxaca
  • Live Q&A
  • Contents suitable for children


To explore Oaxaca is to travel through centuries of cultural tradition. We are going to visit a historical region of Mexico.  Today is an essential reference for Mesoamerican history, gastronomy, handicrafts and tourism.

Large pre-Hispanic cities arose from the valleys of Oaxaca that coexisted with the Mayans and Teotihuacans. Monte Albán and Mitla, capitals of the Zapotec civilization, are today impressive archaeological sites that are worth visiting and having the experience of appreciating their unique architectural designs.

You will know the fruits of the mixture of multiple indigenous ethnic groups that currently subsist in Oaxaca, coupled with the miscegenation of the colonial era and the heritage of the Afro-descendants who settled there. Gastronomic elements such as tamales, mole and mezcal have their roots  in this region.

We will also walk through the streets of its colonial city, we will pass through its impressive beaches on the Pacific Ocean and we will visit the most representative examples of art inspired by the indigenous essence of Oaxaca.

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Fredo O.

Professional Tour Guide

Fredo O.

I'm Alfredo Olivares,. I studied diplomas in tourism journalism, travel agencies and receptive tourism. I've worked as tourist promoter and travel coordinator the last 7 years. Above all, the passion for my culture and the ancient civilisations has led me to share with the you the majesty and the drama behind the ruins of the most important archeological sites.

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All our virtual tours are made possible only thanks to your support as part of our Community.