Julius Caesar: Rome in his footsteps


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2022-07-07 02:00 PM

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Live stream event from Rome, hosted by GIULIA P.: PhD Archeologist, Egyptologist, licensed Tour Guide with 11 years of experience


  • Life and deeds of Julius Caesar
  • Live Q&A
  • Contents suitable for children


From the legends of his powerful family’s origins that take us back to the founding of Rome itself to the power struggles and class rivalry in the dying years of the Roman Republic we will virtually stroll the winding streets of his birthplace: the Suburra.

From Caesar’s rise through the ranks as an all-conquering general to his trip to Egypt in pursuit of Pompey and his relationship with Cleopatra, we will virtually explore magnificent building projects ordered by Caesar and we will learn how he re-hauled the calendar system, creating a 365-day year.

From his fall, when he was assassinated by senators terrified of his rapid path towards dictatorship, to his deification we will virtually visit the Curia and the Temple of the Divine Julius Caesar in the footsteps of his last days.

After all, with Caesar, his death was only the beginning.

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Giulia P.

Professional Tour Guide

Giulia P.

My name is Giulia, I am an ancient Rome guide, Phd Egyptologyst & Archeologist from the University of Rome.

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