Julius Caesar assassination: the Ides of March


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Live stream event from Rome, with SIMONE L.: licensed tour guide of Rome and the Vatican City, Archeologist, Egyptologist with 15+ years of experience


  • Julius Caesar
  • Live Q&A
  • Contents suitable for children


Rome, March 15, 44 BC.

At noon Caesar reached the Senators in the Curia Pompei. Bad omens suggested him to cancel the meeting and stay at home. 

But his right hand, the man he trusted most, betrayed him. Fifteen minutes later his corpse laid on the floor, covered with his own blood.

How could it happen? How could the most powerful man in the world be killed in such an easy way? Why did they decide to kill him? And what happened next?

The Ides of March changed the history of the world forever.

Follow us on this incredible journey!

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Simone L.

Professional Tour Guide

Simone L.

Hi, my name si Simone and I am 42. I am a licensed tour guide of Rome and the Vatican City. I have a PhD in Egyptology and an MA in Archaeology.

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